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May 1, 2022

Pest Identification in Entomology Laboratory

Activities of PEST Entomology Section 
  1. Announcement of Early Warning for pest management according to seasonal occurrence.
  2.  Pest identification.
  3.  Pest surveillance in important import and export crops occasionally.
  4.  Establish of pest lists for management and trade facilitation.
  5.  Training and sharing knowledge entomological aspects to agricultural extension staffs and farmers.
  6.  Pest risk analysis for sanitary and phytosanitary measure in trade.
  7.  Train the person who operate / use of pesticide for safety use of pesticide in CPA ( Certified Pesticide Application ) training course.
  8.  Examine and check the dossier ( Bio efficacy and labeling ) for summitry Pesticide Registration Board (PRB).

(1) Pest Identification
(2)  Pest record keeping